The Other Side of the Story


Iowa Public Radio Shows How UEP is Selling Egg Bill

The link and quote shown below reveals how UEP is selling the egg bill in the media ….Improved housing, improved environment and improved food safety.

 “This is what my industry and my egg farmers want and passionately believe that they need to [have] happen so that they can pass their farms on to the next generation,” said Chad Gregory, president of United Egg Producers. He said the proposal would require larger cages with perches, nesting boxes and improved manure systems. “Housing will improve drastically, the environment will improve drastically and the safety of our product will improve drastically over the next 15 years,” Gregory said, “if we can get this bill passed.”


EFA Provides “Other Side of the Story” to Iowa Public Radio


Efforts were made by National Association of Egg Farmers to counter the press coverage of the egg bill and how UEP was characterizing it as “drastically” improving housing, the environment, and food safety. Details were sent to Iowa Public Radio. While we’re not aware of the basis for any of UEP’s claims, National Association of Egg Farmers responded with facts.

1.EFA detailed the impact the legislation will have on many farmers with foreclosures.

2.EFA detailed the impact the legislation will have on consumers with the costs of eggs increasing 25%.

3.EFA cited scientists who noted the impact on the welfare of chickens with more leg and wing breakages.

4.EFA did cite the scientific study and journal where published showing the impact on food safety reporting an increase in the transmission of Salmonella Enteritidis.