Support for HR 2887 "No Regulation without Representation"

The National Association of Egg Farmers sent an invitation on September 27th to the state poultry & egg associations listed below to join them in resisting the Humane Society of the United States in their second California ballot initiative effort by supporting Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner's bill HR 2887 "No Regulation without Represenation". Attached is the letter sent to the associations.

Alabama Poultry & Egg
Arkansas Poultry Federation
California Egg Farmers Association
California Poultry Federation
Connecticut Poultry Association
Delmarva Poultry Industry, Inc.
Florida Poultry Association
Georgia Poultry Federation
Illinois Poultry Industry Council
Indiana State Poultry Association
Iowa Poultry Association
Iowa Turkey Federation
Kansas Poultry Association
Kentucky Poultry Federation
Louisiana Egg Commission
Michigan Allied Poultry Industries, Inc.
Midwest Poultry Federation (Chicken and Egg Association of Minnesota)
Mississippi Poultry Association
Missouri Poultry Federation
Nebraska Poultry Industries
North Carolina Egg Association
North Carolina Poultry Federation, Inc.
Ohio Poultry Association
The Poultry Federation Oklahoma
Oregon (Pacific Northwest Poultry Council)
PennAg Industries Association Poultry Council
South Carolina Poultry Federation
Tennessee Egg and Poultry Association
Texas Poultry Federation
Virginia Egg Council
Virginia Poultry Federation
Wisconsin Poultry & Egg Industries Association

Letter sent:

We are reaching out to all state poultry & egg associations. Please help us in being proactive in stopping the Humane Society of the U.S.

We are writing you to urge support for Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner's bill HR 2887 "No Regulation without Representation" in hopes of ending the efforts of the Humane Society of the U.S. in establishing production standards for eggs layers and gestation sows, and eventually for all of animal agriculture. (Bill copied below). HSUS has already stated publicly this legislation is their number one target to defeat in Congress. The National Association of Egg Farmers has come out in support of the bill as we have seen how one ballot initiative in California is not enough for the activists.

Recently I debated with Wayne Pacelle, President of HSUS, on California Public Radio. Here's the audio tape showing our egg farmers are willing to fight this second ballot initiative in California.:

But we need more than simply defense against the activists. We need to go on the offense and that is what Rep. Sensenbrenner's bill will do. We urge you to contact your Representatives, especially those on the House Judiciary Committee, to get this bill through committee and on the Floor of the House of Representatives. After doing so, please let us know. Please help us do this for the sake of animal agriculture in the U.S.

Ken Klippen, President

H. R. 2887 To regulate certain State impositions on interstate commerce.
JUNE 12, 2017
Mr. SENSENBRENNER (for himself, Mr. GOODLATTE, Mr. DESJARLAIS, Mr. MCCLINTOCK, Mr. GROTHMAN, Mr. MEADOWS, Mr. CONAWAY, and Mr. TROTT) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary
To regulate certain State impositions on interstate commerce.