Should I Join National Association of Egg Farmers?

Twelve Reasons to Join National Association of Egg Farmers (NAEF)

1) The Right Ideology.  You join with other egg farmers in upholding an ideology that farmers know best how to raise chickens and produce a safe and wholesome egg without the interference of legislators who are responding to a social ideology. The NAEF members develop policy, not the animal rights groups.

2) Representation.  NAEF represents egg farmers from the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast producing nearly one-half billion dollars of eggs annually.  NAEF has successfully been represented before the U.S. Congress in preventing or supporting legislation for the benefit of the family farm.

2)  Market-Driven.  NAEF supports a market-driven system for producing eggs.  NAEF wants the consumer to be able to choose which eggs they want to purchase. 90% of all eggs purchased in the U.S. come from conventional caged systems providing safe, wholesome and affordable eggs.

3) Informed Decision-Making.  NAEF wants egg farmers to make informed decisions about animal husbandry and their production practices based on science.

4) Understanding How to Produce Eggs.  NAEF understands that well-cared-for-chickens produce the best eggs. There are advantages to all the various housing systems and there is no conclusive data indicating that one housing system is better than another.

5) Protecting Consumers Choice.  NAEF understands that eggs come from several different production systems, i.e., caged, cage-free, free-range, and organic and that forcing a one-size fits all approach toward egg production through legislation will deny consumers their freedom of choice.

6) Fighting for Rights.  NAEF resists legislation calling for new requirements on egg farmers that will force smaller, family farms out of business.  NAEF supports legislation that upholds the U.S. Constitution by regulating commerce as specified in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3.

7) Avoiding Mistakes.  NAEF reminds farmers that other countries that adopted similar legislative requirements on egg farmers experienced egg shortages resulting in egg imports from other countries along with significant increases in the cost of eggs to the consumers.

8) Staying Informed.  NAEF members and supporters receive a bimonthly newsletter with a Washington Update on issues and activities coupled with news stories concerning animal rights activists, environmentalists, food safety, GMOs, and crop reports.

9) Animal Welfare Production Systems.  NAEF members have available animal welfare production guidelines that uphold conventional production systems with more than 40 scientific references demonstrating a science-based system of production.

10)  Confidentiality.  NAEF members have signed confidentiality agreements for security reasons to protect their memberships from attacks from animal rights activists or other groups professing a different ideology for farming.

11) Property/Casualty Insurance.  NAEF members have access to a comparably-priced property and casualty insurance program through Cottinham & Butler Insurance brokers in Des Moines, IA).

12)  Growing Membership.  NAEF membership has grown nearly 50% just in the last year.  So what are you waiting for?  Join today because you know that 50 years of developing today’s production systems cannot be turned back to former times unless you let that happen.