New Trilateral Trade Deal Benefits U.S. Egg Farmers

October 1st in a Rose Garden address, President Donald Trump discussed the new trade deal with Canada and Mexico. He said the new United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA) protects American workers, farmers, ranchers, and businesses. President Trump spoke of a number of issues from the new agreement. he stated "The USMCA scores a big win for American farmers by eliminating Canada’s “Class 7” program, which allowed others to undersell American dairy products. Canada will provide new access for U.S. dairy products, eggs, and poultry".

The National Egg Farmers brought to the President's attention the inequities of trade with Canada over eggs and egg products.  Our members, both shell egg and further processors, asked us to engage when the President first outlined his intentions to change NAFTA.  And we did! Please share this news with your non-member peers producing and processing eggs so they can appreciate we are not a one-issue association.

Many members of Congress and other organizations praising the new agreement.  These were collected by the Corn Refiners Association who spearheaded a coalition of farm groups, which included National Egg Farmers, to advocate for change in NAFTA. Of course, the Canadian Dairy Industry says they've been sold out, but the new agreement ends many of the barriers imposed on U.S. produced dairy and eggs.