National Egg Farmers Sends Press Release on its support for the King Amendment in the Farm Bill.

On July 18th, National Egg Farmers sent to PR Newswire, its press release to address the ongoing campaign against egg farmers and to show the support of the members of the National Egg Farmers for the King amendment in the Farm Bill.  Within 24 hours, 125 postings of the release were made with a potential audience of 81.7 million people. This included news sources in Washington, DC such as the Washington Post, Politico, Congressional Quarterly, Roll Call, AP, Reuters, and Bloomberg. Farm media receiving the release included Agri-Pulse, Brownfield, Capital Press, Farm Journal, Progressive Farmer and Urner Barry FoodMarket. Below is the link for the release sent to newspapers nationwide with the subtitle “Don’t Be Misinformed – Ask a Farmer about this Important Bill”:





The Farm Bill is before Congress every five years and is important to the nation’s farmers.  This year it is very important to National Association of Egg Farmers members, as the House version includes an amendment from Rep. Steve King from Iowa that seeks to uphold the U.S. Constitution commerce clause.

In effect that clause says Congress is to regulate commerce among the states, but certain states are implementing laws regulating how eggs are produced outside the state and then imported into that state. Specifically, they are pressing for removing cages for egg-laying hens.  They claim they are doing it for the welfare of the chicken and the quality of the egg.  They need to ask the farmers.  Farmers today moved to cages for welfare considerations and for egg quality improvements.

In the press release, National Egg Farmers makes the case for modern egg production practices that includes caged layers for reducing mortality, safeguarding hens from broken breast bones, and lessening external parasites particularly red mites. National Egg Farmers also provided the report from The US Animal Health Association October 17, 2017 which stated: “Ascarids (round worms) are increasingly being found in cage-free operations with the concern being the possibility of a consumer finding an egg with a roundworm contained inside. Most all cage-free egg producers have had such an occurrence.” Chickens pick up roundworms when they come into contact with infected feces on the ground. How will consumers react to finding round worms in their eggs asked National Egg Farmers? 

Farmers know how to produce safe, quality eggs while caring for their chickens.  Don’t take that knowledge away by removing consumers’ choices and forcing only cage-free eggs said National Egg Farmers.