National Association of Egg Farmers Recount Victories

  1. NAEF members lobbied their Members of Congress and other Congressional Members providing a personal story on the impact of the EggThey defeated the Egg Bill in the 112th and 113th Congress (several animal agriculture groups opposed the Egg Bill, but having NAEF also actively lobbying against it ensured a full complement of animal industries opposing a measure that would certainly have ended many family farms producing eggs). 
  2. Lobbied in support of the King amendment by demonstrating how it upholds Article 1 in the U.S. Constitution enabling Congress to regulate commerce between the states.
  3. Demonstrated to Congress by references of state statutes that the King amendment did not nullify the many state laws suggested by HSUS and others advocating defeat of the amendment.
  4. Demonstrated to Congress that the King amendment would harm the SNAP recipients in California by detailing how the price of eggs will increase due to limited supplies. NAEF showed the parallel that occurred in the European Union under their mandate enforcing enriched colony cages on Jan. 1, Egg prices increased 55% soon after the law went into effect.
  5. Reproduced for Congress the claims of Drew Hutcheson, Alpha Portfolio, an investment broker showing how the largest egg farmer in the country would benefit by Prop 2 in California and buy up egg farms unable to covert to the new cages.
  6. Refuted the claims before Congress that the King amendment would allow substandard eggs to enter California by citing the regulations under FDA and USDA that are identical for all states.
  7. Reproduced for Congress a statement from Iowa Ag Secretary showing USDA Secretary’s comments about the King amendment is siding with HSUS and California.
  8. Reached out to California newspapers for stories showing why NAEF supported the King amendment.